The Elora Fergus Arts Council is a volunteer not for profit organization committed to the encouragement and promotion of the arts in Centre Wellington. As voted by Elora Arts Council members at the 2009 Annual General Meeting, the objectives of the EFAC are as follows:

  • To advance the understanding and expansion of arts in the community;
  • To support artists both amateur and professional;
  • To work with other organizations at a local and national level to provide information, funding and promotional opportunities.

In support of these objectives, the EFAC applies for funding from municipal, provincial and private sources and is in part supported by membership fees and fundraising activities.


April 2020 – April 2021

Chair: Barbara Lee
Vice Chair: Mary-Anne Dalkowski
Secretary: Susan Thorning
Assistant Secretary: Louise Dench Beney
Treasurer: Linda Lane
Projects: Louise Dench Beney, Beverley Cairns, Melanie Morel, Claudia Lambert

Meetings of the Board take place monthly. Members are encouraged to come to meetings and bring forth project proposals. For date and location, please email:


EFAC’s Annual General Meeting is held in April.