rofiles of artists which appear here have previously been published in the Arts Council’s newsletter Communiqué, from its first issue in 1985 to the present. Each issue features an artist who has enriched the greater Centre Wellington area through visual arts, music, writing, theatre or a wide variety of crafts. This information provides a significant historical documentation, designed to capture the pulse of the cultural life of this small, but unusual community.

Recording these profiles over the years has been Communiqué, the Arts Council’s newsletter.

Artists who kindly accepted to be interviewed for the Profile feature of Communiqué were chosen at random within the broad geographic area which the Elora Fergus Arts Council serves. No exact balance was sought in gender, profession or location, although an attempt has been made to be broadly representative. The artists in profile here represent only a fraction of the talented individuals living in this area; in fact, some prominent artists have not yet been featured. Although it has not been possible to be all-inclusive, interviews continue.


In 1997, interviews with 49 artists, along with updates provided by them, were compiled in the publication Profiles under the present editor, Beverley Cairns. In 2005, profiles of 75 individual artists, written from 1985 to 2004, were presented in a new print format. Updates were sought from all artists, some of whom chose to rewrite their interviews rather than update them. When it was not possible to contact artists, information was obtained from websites. New photos were requested but were not always available, and some that appear here are not as clear as might be wished. Still, they provide an important adjunct to the interviews.

Volunteers who have contributed to writing these profiles and interviewing artists have pursued personal styles, which lends a pleasing diversity, and their contributions are greatly valued.

To all the artists profiled, special thanks are due for the insights they have generously offered into their creative journeys. We glimpse the enrichment they have brought to the quality of life in our community. Their talents, and those of other artists working here, create a cultural context which is growing more vibrant and expanding every year.